F A Q'S about Lynne's Art Classes

Do I need to sign up for a course?

Can I watch the videos more than once?

I'm not good at technology. . . .

Will I get lots of marketing stuff?

Do I need lots of materials?

Can I contact Lynne for help?

I'd love Lynne to show me how to paint

aardvarks. Can I just ask her?

Absolutely not! Once you've logged in you

can buy whatever lesson you like the look of. You can add lessons whenever you like

and at your convenience.

You'll be buying the video lessons, not renting, so they're always available for you. You can pause and stop them so you can work at your pace.

Join the club! It's really easy but if you have any problems, Lynne will be there to help. Just use the chat box, email her or contact her on the Wharf Studio Facebook page.

Nope. Your details are highly confidential and won't ever be passed on.

Lynne hates getting all that marketing stuff and certainly doesn't want you to have to put up with it!

No, you really don't. Lynne recommends quality over quantity every time. Plus things like decorating brushes and twigs!


Lynne would love to hear from you if you're struggling. No question is too small!

Yes indeedy! You can send a photo too.

Lynne wants to help so will bear it in mind for future videos.